1. implantlover:

    A woman with big tits should strive to always sit this way. Chest out. Arms further pushing boobs together. Basically she should be displaying them at every opportunity.

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  2. madenbrazil:

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  6. parailegal:

    If you went home you could even help your wife with her hair….bonding.

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    Usually all pictures were soft and innocent. Letting her play and calm her anxious need for approval, fear that her body is inferior. No one knew that behind her usual professional look, perfect power suit was a woman that was obsessed with her looks. Working out madly, on the instant diet to the point of emaciation. Sneaking out to the spas perfect for trophy wives and bimbo models. 

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  11. darkbabiidoll:

    Fetish Liza

  12. lustfulkitty:

    What I would do to those legs…

  13. daddysadist:

    Slap her like you mean it.

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